From time to time we get in hamsters, gerbils, mice and guinea pigs that need new homes. Like any other rescue group we have rules that we follow to ensure the animal is getting not only a good home but a forever home. 

1. Adoption application must be completed along with references.

2. No adoptions to anyone under the age of 14. Must have a parent present when completing the adoption.

3. If the adoptions does not work out the animal must be returned to Haven for Hamsters and a refund will be issued. 

4. The animal being adopted must be for the family on the application. They can not be sold, adopted or given to another party.

5. The animal must be kept in a proper small animal cage, hamster cage or guinea pig cage and not a box or aquarium.

6. The animal must be kept indoors at all times.

7. The animal must be supervised when handled or cared for by children under 16 years of age.

8. The animal must be cared for in a humane manner. Which means supplying adequate food, water, shelter, attention and medical care.

Revised Rules:

Due to unforeseen circumstances at this time we do not adopt animals out as classroom pets.

If you would like to adopt from Haven for Hamsters please contact us at (505) 918-7113 or email us at and we can assist you.