How You Can Help

As with any rescue group we exist solely on our own. Rescue groups are not money making ventures. In fact, you end up spending way more than you can ever make from rescuing animals. But, the animals all deserve the very best and therefore we rely on help and donations from the community.


We can never have enough cages on hand as well as the accessories that go with them. We prefer the "CritterTrail" cages because we can attach several of them together to give the hamsters more room to explore and it is easier to find parts for them at the pet stores. But any cage is great and can be used. 

Aquariums are good to have for babies that come in. But, due to their size and our limited amount of space I only take them on an as needed basis. They have to be at least 10 gallons and the usual aquarium size. Sorry no hexagon, or other shapes. Those are typically taller and give the hamsters less ground room to run around.  If you have an aquarium you would like to donate feel free to call us and we can discuss it. 


Bedding is always in high demand with our group. Any bedding you have we will be more than happy to take off your hands. We are unable to use Cedar bedding due to its ability to cause respiratory problems with the animals.

Like the bedding food is always welcome. We can use any type of hamster, gerbil, mouse or guinea pig food you may have on hand. We also feed the animals fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and seeds. The nuts and seeds should be salt free but if you have a bag of sunflower seeds you don't like call us we can defiantly use them. We do ask they not be flavored. I have yet to have one of the hamsters ask for Ranch flavored sunflower seeds. 


Hamsters and Gerbils are very active animals. They run in their wheels, love to climb up tunnels and run in their balls at night. They are also fond of chewing and hiding things. We can always use more things to entertain the animals and keep them happy. Unfortunately due to possible injuries wheels that are not a solid surface, can not be used, it is easy for their little feet or tails to get caught in between their wires and cause significant injuries.  

Even though there are many sites that recommend not using the balls for hamsters. I find that they not only enjoy being out in their balls but they actually look forward to it.  All of our hamsters have their own ball and that is the only one they use, they are allowed ball playtime every evening in the sanctuary, where they are safe from people accidental kicking them, tripping over them, there are no steps for them to fall down and the floor is a flat tile surface.

To Make a Donation

To donate cages, food, accessories or bedding please either call us at: (505) 507-4534 or email us at