Pet Sitting & Boarding

It hard to decide what to do with your small pets when you go on vacation. Hamsters can do okay for a few days on their own. But what if the air or heat goes out? Guinea pigs and rats require daily attention to their food and water since they do not hoard food like the hamsters. 

There are no kennels that have the facilities to handle the small pets and not many pet sitters will come over to check on them or if they do they still charge you the same as if they took your dog on a 30 minute walk. 

This is where Haven for Hamsters can help. For $20.00 a week for guinea pigs and $10.00 a week for hamsters, we will take care of your small pets for you in our sanctuary. All you need to do is bring them and their cage over (if you use the large C&C cages let us know and we will put a cage together for you so you don't have to bring it). We will supply food, hay, veggies and fruit daily. If they are use to getting out of their cage for exercise we will make sure they get out. If they are use to being kept in the center of the house so they can be in the middle of everything we can arrange that to.

We want to make sure your pet is well cared for while you are away.

For more information or to schedule your vacation spot call us at 505-918-7113 or email