Haven for Hamsters Residents

These are the current residents of the sanctuary. These guys are not available for adoption either due to previous neglect/abuse, personality issues or there are extenuating circumstance.

Note Regarding Syrian hamsters:

We often get asked why none of our Syrian hamsters are available for adoption. Once in awhile we do have some that are adoptable and we are able to find homes rather quickly. The Syrian hamsters however, are fragile and get ill very easily. When they get stressed out (by moving, changing their cage or schedule, etc.) they can get what is called Wet Tail. Wet Tail is deadly for a hamster and it kills them within days; sometimes hours. So most of the time we hold onto the Syrians for their own safety and health.
Syrians also make wonderful ambassadors for our group. They are very loving and friendly, so when children or families come to visit the sanctuary it is always nice to have a few hamsters that they can hold and are able to play with. Part of our work is to explain the different hamsters and their personalities and temperaments in order to help a family make the best choice possible.
It can be rather difficult to find Syrians in the reputable pet stores. This is mostly because of their frailty. So most of the cages readily available are geared more to the dwarf hamster and not the larger Syrian hamster. We have gotten in some that are actually too large for the hamster cages and they go into the larger "small pet" cage. With the Syrian hamsters you definitely have to have a large cage, preferably a few of them connected together for them to explore.




Francesca aka Frantastic: Franny has been with our group a few weeks now. She came to us from a local pet store when she was surrendered after being used for breeding. Franny is an awesome girl who is a bit on the skittish side. She is getting better as time goes by.