Special Needs Hamsters - Mean Does Not Mean Unlovable

Over the course of time we at Haven for Hamsters have seen many things. We take pride and joy in finding a perfect forever home for the hamsters and gerbils that come into our care. For the most part the hamsters and gerbils we get are sweet and kind animals, who are wanting to be held and loved on. But, we do get our cases of hamsters who have bad tempers. These prove to be a challenge in finding a home for them. People believe that a bad tempered hamster does not make a good pet. They think that because the hamster does not want to be held and cuddled they are not worth wasting time on. For us, we find these to be the best cases and the most rewarding.

When a hamster arrives scared and angry because they have been mistreated, neglected or even abused it is our job to help them learn trust and to know that they will never be mistreated again. This takes time and patience, some hamsters come around quickly some never completely trust humans again. But they still deserve to be loved and respected no matter what.

Bad tempered hamsters enjoy the same things all hamsters do. They love to get treats from you, they like to be given the chance to run around in a ball for exercise, they enjoy having you talk to them quietly and in a loving and peaceful tone. They may not show their appreciation the same as a happy hamster but it is there none the less.

We have several hamsters that deserve a loving home with a family that will care for them and respect their special needs. If you think you have a place in your heart and home for one of these special guys call us.