Success Stories

It is always very rewarding when we have successful adoptions. Over the last 2 years we have adopted out many hamsters and guinea pigs. Below are the recent success stories for us. 

Lorenzo: Lorenzo was a guinea pig that was surrendered to us because the kids no longer wanted to care for him. Most guinea pigs like to have a cage mate. We found a cage mate for Lorenzo named Mario but Lorenzo wanted to be a loner. We found him a wonderful family that was more than happy to have a single piggie in their home. 

Snowball and Cinnamon:  Snowball and Cinnamon were two guinea pigs who were mother and daughter. They were surrendered by a very loving family who just did not have time for them. After a few months in the sanctuary Snowball and Cinnamon found a wonderful home living with a family who are long time guinea pig owners. I recently heard from a family member who said the girls are doing great and are very happy and healthy. This is always a wonderful thing to hear.

Mario & Rusty (now known as Moose & Rocko: Mario was rescued from the city shelter as a baby. He was a calico Abyssinian with a bit of an attitude. We wanted to cage him with Lorenzo but that did not work out. Mario was a romantic and anytime he got near Zoe & Zara he would start showing off for them, but they were not impressed. I really wanted to find a cage mate for Mario so he could start to settle down and find a great forever home. After having him for a bit a younger piggie came along named Rusty. We introduced the boys and they became friends soon after. Moose & Rocko were both adopted and are living the life of luxury as pampered piggies. Mom will send some pictures and an update shortly.

Teddy & Swirl: Teddy & Swirl came into the sanctuary with the understanding that they would eventually go back home. They were fostered by us until their family was able to take them back. They were reunited with their family a few weeks ago.This is a situation we don't get to do often but it is so rewarding. 

Teddy is a Teddy Guinea Pig and as you can see by her photo she is a big fluff ball. Swirl is a male Abyssinian who's colors are swirled hence the name. The interesting thing about Swirl is that he is blind. He has cataracts that caused him to loose most of his sight. From what I understand from his mom he can see movement and shadows. Teddy is his seeing eye pig, she keeps him on track and makes sure he gets to his food and hay. She also uses his blindness to steal his cucumber when he is not looking. They are adorable and the sweetest two piggies. My girls love Teddy but since Swirl is a boy they prefer he stay in his cage. It was a very rewarding experience to help out a friend and allow her to be reunited with her animals. We do miss these guys but know they are happy to be home with their mommy.



Minerva: Within a week of arriving at Haven for Hamsters Minerva found a forever home with a wonderfully kind lady. She will be very pampered and happy in her new home.



Dumbledore: Dumbledore came in with Minerva and also found a forever home very quickly. He met his new family today and shortly after meeting them went home to live in a happy home with lots of love and kisses.



Remi: Little Remi found a loving home yesterday and has moved out of the sanctuary and into his new forever home. Remi is a wonderfully sweet boy that we will miss, but we are excited that he is with his new hamster mommy, Amanda.

Abby: Abby found a forever home today. She will be living the life of a pampered hamster with the Ramsey family. Congratulations Abby and the Ramsey's.


Oliver: Oliver found a wonderful forever home full of love, laughter and playing. He will be taken good care of by the Gurule family.



Daisy: Daisy found her a forever home this weekend. Of all the hamsters I have found homes for Daisy is one I will really miss. She was the sweetest and shyest hamster I have ever seen. But the day her family was coming to pick her up she was out of her den and very excited and happy. So this told me that the match was going to work out great. I will still miss Daisy but I am happy she is in a forever home where she will be loved .

Pumpkin, Snowball & Coco: These three adorable guinea pigs have at last found a wonderful home. Their first adoptive home did not work out and they were returned to us. But the family is now living in the lap of luxury with a wonderful family that loves to hold and cuddle them.  

The Sisters
Our two sisters have found a nice home with Danny. I am happy to see them go together where they will be treated with the love and kindness they deserve. These are 2 female Robo hamsters that live together in one very big cage. They came to us from a loving family that wanted a pet they could play with more. 


Foo Foo: Foo Foo was adopted out to Pamela Chavez and her family. With Pamela's permission we have added her letter to us about Foo. Foo Foo was one of the funniest hamsters we have had in a long time. She was surrendered along with Candy by a wonderful family who did not have time to devote to them. I was told that Foo was a bit "fiesty" but she has never shown any aggression and loved to play. I was thrilled to have found her a loving home but I miss her. Congrats Pamela. I know she is getting nothing but love from your family.
"Hi, Cindy! I wanted to let you know Foo Foo is doing great. I cleaned her cage tonight and she is going absolutely insane! I discovered that she loves paper towel cut into strips. She pulls them to the top and covers herself in the bottom left corner. Foo Foo loves when my youngest talks to her. She is fitting in so far. I really love her. Pamela Chavez"

My biggest concern with finding Candy a forever home was that she was so shy. Candy preferred to stay hidden in her house and not be bothered by people. One thing I have discovered about the shy ones is that they known when their family has arrived. I was contacted by Nicole who wanted to adopted a hamster with her niece. It was later discovered that Nicole had actually taken photos of my dogs for a school project so it was nice to have that past connection. I was thinking of Candy for Nicole and her niece but was not 100% sure. However, when they arrived Candy was sure that this was her family. It was almost as if Candy had just been patiently waiting for them to arrive and she was thrilled that they finally did.

Cricket & Junebug

Cricket and Junebug are mother and daughter and they were adopted by the Chavez family who recently adopted Foo Foo. Cricket came to us from the city shelter with her siblings. Cricket had to be separated because she kept fighting with them. Once separated within a few days Cricket gave birth to 2 little babies. Sadly, one baby died, the other baby Junebug is absolutely adorable.  I am thrilled that these two adorable girls found such a wonderful home where they will be loved and kissed everyday. I will miss them terribly but know that they will be loved everyday.
I never thought I would see the day when my baby Gidget would find her family, but she did. Nancy and her family came to visit the sanctuary looking for a new pet. I had mentioned that the shy hamsters always seem to pick their families. This is just what Ms. Gidget did, she loved being held and dotted on by the family. I thought she was pampered by me but I think her new family will pamper her more than I ever could have. As also I will miss her terribly, she has been with me for awhile and I have talked about her finding a family of her own and finally the right one came in. I could not have asked for a better ending. 


Bryon was adopted by Tiffany and her family. I know that he will be loved and pampered everyday. We wish the family all the luck with Byron, he is a great little guy.
Baxter our wonderful little guinea pig found a loving home where he will be giving all the attention he can stand. We really wanted Baxter to go to a home with children because he loves to play and loves to be held and loves getting out of his cage. Adult homes are wonderful but we felt Baxter would do amazing with the energy of children who can match his energy. 
Lester was only with us a short time. He came in and immediately became the life of the group. Always out going and fun. However, Lester seemed to think he was a flying squirrel and would leap out of your hands and fly across the room. But his new mom understands his need to play super hero and is prepared for him.
Little Ms. Luna found a surprising home over the weekend. Amy came to us to donate a large cage for our rat clan and simply went into the sanctuary to say hello to everyone. It was not long before Amy and Ms. Luna met and their friendship was formed. Personally, I figured Luna would be with us forever, since she was never very settled. She would jump out of your hands when you held her and she always preferred to sleep most of the time. But as I always say the difficult ones will pick their own family and that is just want Luna did. We wish them both the best of luck.
Georgia also found a wonderful loving home this past week. She went to live with Jackelyn as a pampered little hamster.