Surrendering Your Animal

Surrendering Your Animal

No one ever gets a pet with the thought that they will not be able to keep it. You get a pet to bring joy and happiness into your life. However, that does not always happen. Circumstances change, lives change and family situations change. In today's economy families are having to make drastic changes to make ends meet and unfortunately many times that means they can no longer care for their pets.

In most cases of surrenders the family got the hamster with the idea that it would be taken care of by their children who begged for the animal. When that does not happen the animals care becomes one more chore in an already busy day. There are times when the family has extenuating circumstances that require they re-home their pet. It could be an unknown allergy, the cat is trying to eat the hamster or the hamster has personality issues.

Another very common reason for surrendering hamsters is that you purchased one from a local pet store only to discover one morning not 1 but 8 or 9 hamsters in the cage. This happens more often than we would like and the pet stores very seldom; if ever, will except responsibility for selling a pregnant female or selling you a male and female instead of 2 females. Many of the "big box" pet stores are staffed with employees who do not know anything about hamsters other than how much they cost. They are not trained to tell the difference between males and females and they rely on the suppliers word that all the ones in this box are girls and that box are boys. 

We do not judge anyone who is asking for help with re-homing their pet. We help anyway we can. We do ask that you be honest when surrendering the animal in order for us to find them a good home. If the hamster is a biter or does not like to be held we should know this ahead of time to avoid them being returned. There are some families who are okay with having a hamster that does not want to be played with. If the animal has severe emotional problems they will reside in the sanctuary for the rest of their natural life. We will not try to place an unsafe animal in anyone's home.

Unless you are surrendering a litter we ask that the animal comes with it's cage. It is very stressful for hamster to be dumped into a cage that does not have his/her scent anywhere in it. It also makes it much easier to house them if they are already in a cage. We do not charge you anything when you surrender your animal, nor will we pay you for your animal. Please be aware that when you list your pet on internet sites such as craigslist you do not know the situation the animal is going to. Charging an adoption fee does not ensure a good home.